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Bill Whitt

Bill Whitt is an author, speaker and worship leader who is passionate about communicating the timeless truths of Scripture to today’s generations. Bill currently serves as Associate Pastor of Worship and Media at Sunlight Community Church in St. Lucie West, a church that recently built a new 750-seat sanctuary and was named one of the fastest growing in its denomination. With two daughter churches and counting, Bill has also begun functioning as a worship and media consultant for pastors in the Multiply 222 Church Planting Network, which Sunlight founded. More information can be found at sunlightcc.org and multiply222.com.

Bill owns a production company, Whitt Media, LLC, that provides professional audio, video and photographic services in South Florida. Through his venture, b.dub records, Bill provides audio recording, mixing and mastering, as well as online training and consulting, for clients from all around the world. More information is available at Facebook.com/WhittMedia.

Bill has two bachelor’s degrees from West Virginia University and a master’s from Liberty University, maintaining a 4.0 GPA while at both schools. He is currently pursuing a second master’s degree from Calvin Theological Seminary. His first career was in broadcast journalism, working as a producer/reporter on local TV, where he earned an Emmy nomination for his work in the mid-Atlantic region.

Bill enjoys tennis and running in his spare time and lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida, with his wife, Jessica.

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  1. Hello, Bill, I am the new media coordinator at my church Victory Fellowship in New Orleans, LA. we are currently in the process to expand our existing sound booth in order to add the media. This is a full from the ground up design. I’m completely new to this department. One of my projects is to implement the new media booth or “box’. Would love any tips you can share?

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