Pass It On!

Jake and Nicholas

I want to introduce you to two of the coolest people in the entire world!  Meet Jake Motisi and Nicholas Scerbo, guys I’ve really come to trust and respect in ministry very much.


Our 2015 VBS Set

Pulling off this year’s VBS took more than 100 staff members, interns and volunteers, and Jake and Nicholas were among those who helped me bring a pretty complex sound, light and video show to life!  They did great, and I couldn’t have done it without them.  Jake helped put together our amazing stage, which you can see in the video at the end of this post, and Nicholas helped by taking truly awesome pictures, such as these!

With just a little bit of training and investment from me, these two took what I showed them and just went crazy.  They brought so much energy and enthusiasm to VBS.  I want to continue in that spirit all year!

I listen to Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast when I’m the car alone (a great time to connect with God, as I mentioned in this post).  One thing Andy talks about a lot is the importance of “replacing yourself.”  He says there will always be a place for you if you replace yourself.  In other words, whatever God has given us or taught us — it’s our responsibility to pass that on.  He says it’s not our responsibility to fill everyone else’s cups, but it is our responsibility to empty our own.  In other words, while I’m not responsible for making Jake into a perfect audio engineer, I am responsible for sharing what I know with him.

I have a birthday coming up (Aug. 10 if you are looking for gift ideas), and as I enter another year of ministry, I think it’s time I take the concept of “passing it on” to heart.  All I’ll end up doing is wearing myself out if I try to do everything by myself.  I can do so much more by investing in others.

What does that look like?  Well, my task list used to be just that — a list of tasks for me to do.  Now, I’m beginning to transition it instead into a list of names like “Nicholas” and “Jake.”  My task is them.  My calling as a pastor is to equip them for ministry (Eph. 4:12).  Moving forward, Nicholas will be taking over our Instagram and Flickr accounts, as well as taping our worship services.  Jake will help with video editing and pre-production.  Cory will helping with worship planning.  Others are leading choirs, greeting teams, design efforts, etc.  I’m surrounding myself with creative people who bring new life and energy into our ministries.  And they love getting to use their gifts in ministry!

“Passing it on” is something all of us can do.  No matter what you’ve been given by God, it is something you should think about giving away.  When you empty your cup, somehow it always stays full!

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