I love spotting beauty “in the wild” and capturing that moment on film… or at least on an SD card. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the last few years (click through the links for the full albums on Flickr).

Fall Frost

NATURE – From icy snow to warm sunsets, from starry nights to underwater scenes, in nature I see beauty begging to be captured in a photo!

WILDLIFE – Capturing wildlife is one of my favorite things to do (on film, of course).


WEDDINGS – You want to remember all the details of your wedding for the rest of your life, so don’t forget to hire a professional photographer. By the way, I’m available!

Marley Snow

PET PORTRAITS – Pet portraiture is actually one of my specialties. I love animals, and I love bringing out their true personality in photos!

Family Portrait

FAMILY PORTRAITS – From young children to high school seniors, from couples to full families, we love capturing your personality in portraits!

Caleb Age 0 26

MATERNITY AND BABY PHOTOS – Capturing these special months are one of our specialties!

Lift Conference

CONCERTS – I love snapping a good photo or two at concerts and conferences!


LIGHT – One of my favorite things is painting with light, using long shutter speeds and a sparkler!

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