The Word of God is alive and active, and it never returns to Him without accomplishing its purpose. It’s such a profound privilege to present teaching from the Scripture from stage. Below are a few of my recent sermons:

Do you sometimes feel depressed and maybe even hopeless?  Want to know how to help someone who does feel that way?  I look to Psalm 43:5 for solid answers to the difficult question of depression.

Does science contradict the Bible?  Do we really need faith anymore since technological innovation has explained everything?  I look to Psalm 19 for answers in this sermon.

“Give Thanks” centers on the difficult command found in Ephesians 5:20 to be people who are “always giving thanks to God the Father for everything.” We find a hugely impactful paradigm shift in our life, when we turn each moment and each experience into an opportunity for thanksgiving.

I am a champion worrier. When it comes to fear, I’ve got the market cornered. That’s why this message, “The Senselessness and Sinfulness of Worry” is so impactful to me. It’s one of the sermons that has benefitted me most personally over all the years. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 6 that worry cannot add to your life; it can only subtract. The opposite of faith, fear actually leads us away from God and his Kingdom.

“What’s Love Got To Do With It?” is an impassioned plea not to give up on love. Many of us have experienced a poor reflection of love here on earth. Our Father is not a reflection of that love, but the perfection of it.

How to achieve life change? We look to Romans 12:2, in which we learn that life transformation follows thought renovation. Even the most fundamental change in life there is — repentance — is at its root a change of mind.

Looking to John the Baptist as an example, we learn that our job is simply to point people to Jesus and say with John, “He must become greater; I must become less.”  This sermon was the inspiration for the song, “More Of You.”

Scripture says the words that come out of our mouth are a good indicator of what is in our hearts. What does that indicate about your spiritual health?

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