Helping churches use technology well is one of my favorite things. I actually don’t limit myself to ministries. Through my recording studio, b.dub records, I mix and master albums for people from all over the world. Below are a few videos I produced to help new artists get started:

This video is closing in on 300,000 views! Though I did not intend it to, this single video started the b.dub records business model that exists today. All I wanted to do was share practical tips on mastering. All my viewers wanted, apparently, was to pay me to master their tracks!

Vocals are arguably the most important part of the mix and one of the hardest things to get just right. In this video, I share some tricks of the trade, including important considerations before recording even begins.

This is part 1 on a series about home recording. This details a very cost-effective way many home studios, churches, or small project studios can accomplish multitrack recording.

In part 2, I share about how to touch up tracks with overdubs.

In part 3, we look at mixing using affordable consumer-grade equipment.

For clients who do want to send their tracks to me for mastering, this video demonstrates how to properly prepare the session to be submitted.

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